In this issue of the international edition of RUM we explore the theme ‘The Future’. Our cover is a case in point – the rooms have been created using AI while the furniture and objects have been photographed the old fashioned way. A scenario reflecting what is happening around us. How will all this new and ground-breaking technology change our world, our working lives, the way in which we see reality?

We put those questions to six creatives who process their hopes and fears for the future through their work, which in many ways reflects both the old and the new world. Craftsmanship and high tech, side by side. Whether it’s experimenting with bio-based building materials, making furniture from offcuts or planning an actual moon landing, the current generation of designers, architects and artists are acutely aware of the future.

In uncertain times our home becomes more important than ever to us modern people. Here we can find healing and comfort, as trend forecaster Sara Ingemann explains, and we take a closer look at the concepts of the healing home, the planet positive home, the inclusive home and the AItopic home and learn more about how long table dinners, arty interiors, natural materials and AI technology will shape our everyday lives in the future.

And talking about amazing homes – in this issue, we invite you inside the homes of Copenhagen creatives, who very much inspire, and visit a four floor Brooklyn townhouse, which is an exercise in contrast and calm and a masterpiece in flow and textures.


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